DSPMA Latest News
DSPMA in InterCHARM Russia
27 Oct 2019

 Successful participation for DSPMA at InterCHARM Russia , which was held from 23 / 26-10-2019 in Moscow with the participation of seven companies from sector.

 And the Jordanian Ambassador, H.E. Amjad Al-Adayleh, visited the Jordanian Pavilion at the InterCHARM Moscow Exhibition.

MoU Signing with JEA
30 Sep 2019

 Dead Sea Products Manufacturers Association Signed a MoU with the Jordanian Exporters Association in the presence of the Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply Dr. Tareq Al-Hammoury.




Meeting With JEBA Association
08 Sep 2019

 DSPMA Administration Board met Jordan Europe Business Association (JEBA) Administration Board.

They discussed ways to enhance mutual relations, and agreement to sign MoU to strengthen relation and support the members of the Association to enter the European market.

Meeting with H.E. Mr. Jamal Al Sarayra
07 Jul 2019

  - Meeting with H.E. Mr. Jamal Al Sarayra, Chairman of the Potash Company, to discuss the problems of the sector and cooperation with Potash to make it the strategic partner of the  Dead Sea Sector.

Jordanian-Singapore Business Forum
20 Jun 2019

 - The Association was represented by its Chairman Eng. Elham Al-Zeadat in the Jordanian-Singapore Business Forum,Which was held in Singapore to discuss ways to enter the Jordanian Dead Sea products into the Singapore market.

Ramadan Iftar Event
24 May 2019

 -DSPMA President Eng. Elham El-Zeyadat arrange Iftar event attended by H.E. the Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply Dr. Tariq Al-Hamouri and the President of the Amman Chamber of Industry Eng. Fathi al-Jaghbir and members of the association.

Meeting with H.E. Dr. Ma'en Al-Nsour
20 May 2019

 - Meeting in Jordan Chamber of Industry with Dr. Maan Al-Nsour representative of the mining sector to discuss the government's decision of Quarring and Mining Fees.


DSPMA Annual Meeting
30 Apr 2019

 - Annual Meeting for DSPMA Members in ACI 

Jordan TV Interview with DSPMA President Eng. Elham Zeadat
13 Apr 2019

 - Meeting with Eng- Elham Zeyadat priesedent of DSPMA ON Jordan TV talking about Dead Sea Products Sector, and Its importance in supporting the National Industry.  


Ninth Scientific Day
04 Apr 2019

 - DSPMA participated in the ninth scientific day for Hamdi Manko Center in Jordan University.  

Meeting with H.E. Dr. Madher Al-Majally
19 Mar 2019

 - Meeting with H.E. Dr. Madhar El-Majaly – National Fund for Enterprise Support to discuss sector problems, and enhance the ways of mutual relations, and arrange workshop to represent NAFES Programs.


Fifth Chemical Day
26 Feb 2019

 - DSPMA participated in the Fifth Chemical Day for Chemical Department in Petra University.




Meeting with JFDA
25 Feb 2019

 -Association Members Meeting with JFDA  to discuss Company's problems and resolving it.

Meeting with Mumeira Co. Board of Directors
18 Feb 2019

 - DSPMA Administration Board Met the Board of Directors of Numeira Company for Mixed salts&Mud to discuss sector problems, and enhance the ways of mutual relations.

First Jordanian Chemical Event
10 Feb 2019

 - DSPMA participated in the First Jordanian Chemical Event in Jordan University.

Meeting with Eng. Ahmed El-Bess
10 Feb 2019

Meeting with Eng. Ahmed Albess ( Representative of Chemical's & Cosmetics Sector in JCI ) to discuss and enhance the ways of mutual relations.

Meeting with ACI Administration Board
07 Feb 2019

DSPMA Administration board Met ACI Administration board to discuss sector problems, and renew MoU between Association And the Chamber to enhance the ways of mutual relations.

Meeting with H.E. Mr.Fareedon Hartoqah
05 Feb 2019

  DSPMA  Administration Board met H.E. Mr. Fareedon Hartoqa ( General Secretary for Jordan Investment Commesstion) and descuss the ways of enhancing mutual relations.

Annual Meeting And Election 2018-2020
27 Jan 2019

Annual Meeting And Election 2018-2020.

New Administration board for the Association :

- Presiedant: Eng. Elham Zeyadat

- Vice Presiedant. Eng. Abedallah Al-Banna

- Secretary: Eng. Abed Alkareem Abu Ein

- Treasurer: Dr. Laith Eljamml

- Member : Eng . Radi Fua'ad